(1)  On and from each reference date under a construction contract, a person:

(a)  who has undertaken to carry out construction work under the contract, or

(b)  who has undertaken to supply related goods and services under the contract,

is entitled to a progress payment.

(2)  In this section, reference date, in relation to a construction contract, means:

(a)  a date determined by or in accordance with the terms of the contract as the date on which a claim for a progress payment may be made in relation to work carried out or undertaken to be carried out (or related goods and services supplied or undertaken to be supplied) under the contract, or

(b)  if the contract makes no express provision with respect to the matter—the last day of the named month in which the construction work was first carried out (or the related goods and services were first supplied) under the contract and the last day of each subsequent named month.