Security Of Payments Act Queensland

“The object of the Building Industry Fairness (Security Of Payment) Act 2017  is to ensure that any person who undertakes to carry out construction work (or who undertakes to supply related goods and services) under a construction contract is entitled to receive, and is able to recover, progress payments in relation to the carrying out of that work and the supplying of those goods and services.”

Security of Payments Act Queensland

For Help Making A Claim

For a payment claim to be valid and effective under the Act the following details must be included, correct and complete.

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QLD - Security Payment Act

For Help Applying For Adjudication

If you have not received full payment or a Payment Schedule not complied with (or you disagree with) you may apply for adjudication.

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QLD - Payments Security Act

For Help Enforcing The Judgement

Once you have received an Adjudication Determination in your favour you may enforce the judgement.

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QLD - Security of Payments Act

For Help Defending A Claim

To successfully defend a Payment Claim that has been made under the Act you must respond correctly within the allowed time frame – IF YOU DO NOT RESPOND CORRECTLY AND WITHIN THE ALLOWED TIME FRAME YOU WILL BECOME LIABLE TO PAY THE DEBT.

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